Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sticky Notes and Chicken Sandwiches

Shopping for school supplies was rather painless this year.

The only item that tripped me up was the 2 x 2" sticky notes.

I don't think they exist.

And, the other shoppers in that aisle agree with me,
     which made me feel better.

I needed their approval when I made the decision to purchase the
     3 x 3"sticky notes, instead. 

Afterward, my son wanted to have lunch at Chick-fil-A,
     which is across the road.

The place was PACKED.

Traffic - spilling out onto the main road, people honking,
     the drive-thru line - wrapped all the way around the building . . .

     "I don't get it," I said to my son.

     "There is a McDonalds right up the street.
            In my opinion, they sell equally good chicken sandwiches,
               and their fries are better."
Personally, I don't care for fries in the shape of a waffle.

     "Is it the Christian thing?"  I asked.

     "Is it the milkshakes?"  I asked.

I wonder . . . 

     "They DO have pretty good milkshakes," said my son.  

We picked up our order (and, I have to admit, they were extremely efficient),
     however, they gave me a sandwich, instead of nuggets,
did not put ketchup on my son's sandwich,
     my sandwich was TOO salty,
and my fries were not salty enough.

I don't allow myself to eat fast food very often and, when I do,
      I want it to be worth every FAT FILLED calorie.  

Oh well.

Live and Learn.

And, as it turns out,
    "2 x 2" sticky notes DO exist.

I just bing(ed) it.

Oh well, again.   

Sometimes, life can get . . .



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Familiar Surprise

I was not expecting my 18 year old daughter to come home from her summer job
     (as a camp counselor) with a new friend.
At first glance, he resembles a monkey, however, he roars like a lion, and his name is Fish.
And, apparently, he has THREE hearts.


Brought to life at Build-A-Bear, he is part monkey, part lion, part sea animal, and,
     apparently, part super hero. 

Why should this surprise me?

It shouldn't.

It doesn't.  

This is my Haley.

My daughter, whom I have known since the very first day she was born.

My daughter, who marches to her own beat and stays true to who she is.

My daughter, who, at one time, had not one, but TWO imaginary friends,
     Thumbelina and Dumbelina,
and, she would get quite cross with me if I confused them. 

Well, last week, I dropped my daughter and Fish off at college.

I hope Fish takes good care of her.

But, then, there is so much of Haley in him.

So . . . . . .

     I think they are going to be okay.