Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Stranger Who Noticed

Standing in line at the grocery store one cold, misty,
     gray Saturday in February (no makeup on, and hair untouched) . . . 
your eyes caught mine (one register up), and you did not look away,
     but, instead, you smiled.
And, something about the way that you smiled,
     I could not help myself from smiling back.

It was a small, subtle, HINT of a smile, but enough for you to notice.  

And, suddenly, I felt like a shy school girl.

I blushed, in spite of myself, and turned away.

Seconds later, you passed me by with your cart full of groceries,
     and, through the corner of my eye,
I could feel your gaze and your warm smile.

But, I did not have the courage to take a second glance.

You were just a stranger who noticed . . .
               on a day when I did not know I needed noticing.  


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Cheerful Brit

I went to my local convenience store, today,
     to pick up some much needed body lotion and shaving cream.

When I walked up to the check-out counter (where I was pleasantly surprised to find no line),
     a tall, thin, mostly bald, and seemingly very approachable man stood at the cash register.

One would think one SHOULD seem approachable in such a circumstance, however,
     as we all know, that is very often NOT the case.

As I set my items on the counter, he spoke. 

     "And, what are YOU smiling about, lovely lady?"

I was not even aware that I was smiling. 

As a bright light came streaming through the window above,
     causing me to squint my eyes,
I replied, 

     "It must be the sunshine."

Winters in the Washington DC area usually consist of
                                                                 day after day (after day)
                                               of gray . . . gray . . . gray. 

I immediately noticed his accent, and asked where he was from. 

     "England," he replied.  "I am a Brit, as they say."

We exchanged a few pleasantries, as he rang up my items,
      and as he handed me my bag, he said, 

                         "You have a good day, my love."   

I smiled, as I thought of my girlfriend in England, and all of the conversations we have had. 

What would she say if I told her that a Brit made me smile today?