Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Something Small

     my days and nights pass
without being able to write a single word.

I breathe in,
     I breathe out,

But . . .

I can't write.

     one day,
I just write about . . . something.

Something meaningless,
     something small.  

A few words
     on a few lines,
taking up space
     on a small page.

     a funny thing happens.

A bottle of salsa turns into a story.

A small story, but a STORY.   

     Giving it breath,
giving it life,
     giving it wings . . .

     even the smallest of wings

                                           can fly.      


1 comment:

  1. Stories are always nice, but what I like about blogs that are written by friends is simply the comfort of knowing that my friends are out there, somewhere, whether it is a great story or not . . . it's like hearing the voice of a loved one - it's comforting even if it's not eloquent.