Friday, July 27, 2012

Blueberry Cobbler and Jazz on a Hot, Summer Night

Last night, my son, my partner, and I decided to go for one of those spontaneous
      "because it is summertime" drives.   
We landed in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Del Ray, where we paid a visit to
     The Dairy Godmother for some chocolate frozen custard, a sour cherry sundae,
and blueberry cobbler, a la mode.

DG was hopping.

We took our treats outside, enjoying them one spoonful at a time,
   as we walked along the sidewalk that borders the town shops, restaurants, and houses.
We passed by our favorite Mexican eatery,
   where they serve the BEST DAMN MARGARITAS;
we passed by the music store, where the last two employees were packing it up for the night,
and, from atop a set of stairs leading to a grand, covered front porch,
a neighborhood dog barked a friendly "hello".

Making our way back to the car, I heard the sound of music -
     some old-time jazz coming from the nearby coffee shop, St. Elmo's.
As I peaked through the window, sure enough, there was a group of old-timers jamming up a storm,
and a room full of young and old . . . dancing, and swinging. and swaying.
Standing there, with my old-fashioned blueberry cobbler,
     I felt as if I had stepped back in time.

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