Saturday, January 26, 2013

"A Beautiful Day"

This morning, just moments before I pulled into the
     tree-lined driveway at work,
the sounds and lyrics of U-2's, A Beautiful Day, came across the radio. 

And, as I turned the corner, I was suddenly aware . . .   

Everything, as it had been before,
     only brighter, more vibrant - more alive.      
The parking lot, unspoiled, as no industrial plows
had found their way through.

And, as I walked across the new,
     unclaimed territory in my child-like feet, 
leaving fresh footprints behind me . . .
     narrowing my eyes from the bright, sparkling white . . .
the cold air - shocking, making me take notice of my every breath . . .   

          I did, indeed, feel brighter, more vibrant - more alive. 

"It's a beautiful day.
     Don't let it get away.
  It's a beautiful day . . . "

           . . . singing in my head.   


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