Monday, December 16, 2013

Searching for Ugly

I was pretty sure this was the place.

Had it been dark out, I could have easily missed it.
Behind the coffee shop, and around the corner from the tattoo studio, 
   it was small, and (yet) indiscreet.  

I pulled into the alley, between the short row of red, brick buildings,    
   and parked the car. 

And, I am not sure if it was the way 
   that I was dressed, 
or the desperate and determined look in my eyes, 

                                 BUT . . . 

when he appeared from the back room, 
   he seemed to know exactly what I had come for.  

He showed me his stash. 

   "This is IT?" I asked.

   "Everybody wants some," he replied, shrugging his shoulders.  

I stood back, assessing the size, shape, and quality of his goods.

   "Do you have anything . . . uglier?" I asked.

   "The ugliest are the first to go," he said.  
   "We should be getting some uglier ones in next week."

   "Okay," I said.  "I'll come back then."  

With a nod, and half a smile, he returned to the back room.

And, as I exited through the front door, 
   the sign dangled to and fro.



  1. I know I'm late to the party here, but great post! I was thinking of having an ugly sweater Christmas with the family (we host dinner on Christmas Day), but didn't know where to get ugly sweater except for Goodwill. It looks like I'll need to start earlier in the year for next year's event.

    I loved the suspense throughout this post and the variation in fonts and text sizes. I've been away from your blog, but I'll come back as a regular to see how your writing has evolved over the past year or so.