Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It started with a manila file folder . . .

It started with a manila file folder.

I needed one to store some of my papers.
It was the Saturday morning before Christmas - no sign of garlands strewn about the house,
but several preschool papers, crafts, and gifts from parents, in addition to unread mail
strewn across the kitchen table and countertops.
Most teachers will understand.  

"Okay.  I need to do something about this," I said to myself.

So, I went in search of a folder.

I had an idea where they were - underneath some papers, piled up on top of my desk.

In order to get to the folders,
I had to TOUCH the papers,
which caused me to NOTICE the papers,
which caused me to READ the papers,
which THEN caused me to SORT THROUGH the papers . . .


I, THEN, decided I needed to sort through all of the OTHER piles of papers,
spread around
   all about,
and throughout
my office.

And, somewhere (during this process), 
I noticed the artwork on the walls.

"I should move THIS picture here, and THAT picture there," I thought.  

So, I did.

But, I decided I liked it better the OTHER way,
   so I moved them back.

"I should HANG this picture (that had been sitting on my desk, collecting dust for an eternity),"
   I thought, too.

But, I need a nail.

And, a hammer.

So, I opened the drawer to get a nail, and discovered the pile of manila file folders.

A HA!  Just where I left them.

So, I pulled out the files, took them into the kitchen,
   and began to sort through my school paperwork.

Later on that day . . . 

"Why is this hammer lying on the counter?"

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