Friday, June 25, 2010

Haiku State of Mind

Morning's first coffee;
 a cup of inspiration
in my writing hands.

It's dragging me down -
this chapter, unexpected;
the tunnel light, dim. 

The struggle is hard,
but the reward is myself;
soul cracked, not broken. 

Cold, creamy, tangy,
graham cracker crust, crumbly;
key lime pie - yummy!

Brown, papered table;
hot, steamed crabs, cold beers, mallet -
unrestrained pleasures.

Shirts cling, wet armpits -
the smell of summer's perfume;
money can't pay for.

Skin peels off scorching
hot, leather seat; beads of sum-
mer sweat, abandoned.

The sound of magic
lures me; pocket full of change,
sweetness on a stick.

The shade of a tree,
a fly-swatting tail, and the
taste of summer grass.

Driving away from
her, six weeks of camp - dress re-
hearsal for college.

Dragonflies - river
dancers; quiet observer,
enjoying the show.

Patio seating
available; ice cold beer,
good food and laughter.

(photo credit - Leslie Morrissette)

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