Thursday, June 10, 2010

No Hurry to Leave, and Nowhere I'd Rather Be.

Everyone has a favorite coffee cup.
It may be because of the way that it fits, perfectly, in your hands.
It may be the shape of the handle, or the amount of coffee that it holds.
Or, it may be the story behind how it came into your life.

Driving around the bend, it is within sight.
My favorite little vacation coffee spot.
I pull into the parking lot, lightly spilled over with gravel. 
I can feel the "bump, bump" and hear the slight scraping of the rocks, underneath the tires.

As I place the car into park, I can feel the anticipation of pleasure.     

Adirondack chairs garnish the small, grass-covered front yard,
   as well as the charming front porch.
As my sister and I climb the short set of stairs that lead to the entrance,
   I hear the familiar sound of the front door, squeaking open and shut;
happy customers walking out with their drink-filled cups and pastries, in hand.

Once inside,
I experience the pleasure of the simultaneous aromas of books and coffee.
There is a little sitting area to my left,
adorned with inviting chairs and comfy pillows;
and, people - sipping their morning drinks of choice, chatting with friends,
or wrapped up in the pages of a paper-bound story.

The line extends all the way to the door.

But, that is okay.

There is no hurry to leave, and nowhere I'd rather be.

As I stand in line, I glance over the books,
soaking in the titles and the artwork that adorn the front covers.
I reach the front of the line, and order my iced cafe latte.
I love that they serve it over crushed ice.

Growing up, there was a fast food restaurant called, Burger Chef. 
I used to love going there with my family. 
My sister and I would sit at the two-person table with the swivel chairs.
Our legs, barely long enough to reach the floor,
   we would swivel until our heart's content, as we ate our "fun meals".
A "fun meal" came with a burger, fries
a packet of cookies, and a prize.

And, a soda that was served over CRUSHED ICE.

I pick up my latte from the counter, grab a straw,
and give the books one last glance-over.
Passing the sitting room, I exit through the same squeaky door. 
My sister and I walk down the stairs, and in the direction of our usual spot -
   a shop lined boardwalk that overlooks the sound.
Along the way, we soak in the hidden oasis -
on the backside of the coffee house, there is a life-filled pond,
bordered in tall cattails and grasses.

A window, with an awning, overlooks the pond.  
Inside the coffeehouse, it is the room
with the best view - the bathroom.  

During the short walk to the sound, I am aware of everything: 
the sound of my flip flops on the wooden walkway,
the blue color of the sky,
the smell of the fresh, sea air,
the feel of the ocean breeze on my skin,
and my sister's company.

We settle down in two Adirondack chairs,
in what we feel is the perfect spot. 
Just as the seagull (who has decided to join us),
we perch our feet on top of the railing,
and with the warmth of the sun, shining down on our faces,
we sit with our coffee drinks, and enjoy.

There is no hurry to leave, and nowhere else we'd rather be.         

Duck's Cottage
Duck, North Carolina

Leslie Morrissette, Photo Credit

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  1. This is wonderful. I need to get myself to Duck's Cottage!