Tuesday, July 26, 2011

12 Pound Charlie

Recently, I went to pick up my dog, Charlie, from the boarding kennel,
     where he had spent the last four days. 

     "Oh, how we have LOVED Charlie, during his stay!" remarked the young girl at the counter.

     "Great!  Well, I LOVE that you LOVED him!" I responded.

      "Every time someone walked by him, he would pick up his toy and wag his tail," she said. 

     "Really?" I asked. 

Charlie is normally much more interested in people, than his toys,
     but I sent a toy and a blanket with him, because I would have felt like a bad parent
sending him with nothing  at all.  

The young girl preceded to look up his bill on the computer.

     "Let's see . . . . " she said. "Charlie is around 45 pounds, right?"

     "Um . . . . no.  He is approximately 12 pounds.  I think you have the wrong Charlie," I chuckled.   

The look of embarrassment showed on her face.    

     "Did you love MY Charlie, too?" I asked, laughing. 

     "Of course!  I am so sorry for the mix-up!" she said. 

     "As long as I go home with the RIGHT Charlie, I won't hold it against you," I commented.  

And, I took my 12 pound Charlie home.  


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