Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Boots

I had been looking at pictures, and fantasizing about them for weeks.

I would even create my own pretend online shopping bag, just to see them there,
     up on the screen, looking back at me, where they were real,
and I could (almost) touch them.  

And, they were saying, "Buy me!  Buy me!"    

But (in my mind), they were too expensive.

Maybe even too good for me.  

Last weekend, I went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival with some friends.

The sun was shining, the air was crisp, and our minds were clear,
     which . . . . . . had nothing to do with the beer. 

And (over a few beers), they talked me into it.

     "You should BUY those," they said.

     "GO for it!" they cheered.    

     "Huzzah!" strangers hailed.    

Even the man dressed as Robin Hood, said so.

 The people had spoken, so . . . . . . 

     a few days later, I went to my online shopping bag, and clicked "buy now".

This time, I didn't even think about the price.

This time, I thought, those boots are good enough for me!  

The package arrived, a few days later, and I could not wait to open it.

When I pulled the lid off the box, they looked exactly as I had imagined -
      all brown and soft, and that new leather smell  . . . . . . ahhhh.

     But, would they fit? 

Or, would I be burying them beneath the brown recyclable paper,
     sending them back to where they came from,
paying extra, just for a short visit.        

I unfastened the zipper of one.

     I pulled it up over my right foot, and across my calf. 

I fastened the zipper back up.  

I had a good feeling, but did not want to celebrate . . . . . . yet.  

I unfastened the zipper of the other.

     I pulled it up over my left foot, and across my calf.

I fastened the zipper back up.  

I stood up, putting my weight equally into both, and stood there.

     I took a few steps.

They were soft; they were comfortable.

They were not too tight around my calves.

They were not too tall for my short legs.

     I LOVED THEM, and THEY FIT!   

I could hear my friends from the Renaissance Festival cheering,

                                           "HUZZAH!  HUZZAH!  HUZZAH!"

 . . . . . . as I did my little "boot dance" around the room. 

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