Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My girlfriend and I had been trying for MONTHS.

Trying to find a time when we could get together.  

But, things just KEPT HAPPENING.  
First, a sick dog.

          Then, the unwelcome flu. 

Then, on Saturday . . . . . .

     "Mom, you need to come pick me up.  I fell on the ice and hit my head."


I was SO in need of adult conversation and companionship.

And, in particular, I had really missed spending time with THIS friend.  

But, of course, I quickly switched gears back into "mom mode",
     jumped in the car, and drove toward the ice rink to pick up my son.

After several hours at the doctor's office, a ct scan,
and an unpleasant person yelling obscenities ( in traffic ),
     it was determined that, while my son has a perfect and beautiful brain,
he DID, in fact, have a mild concussion.

When we returned home,
and my son was resting comfortably on the couch,
     I called my friend and left her a message: 

     "Can we try this again tomorrow morning?"   

I picked her up at 10:00, and we drove toward the lake.  

          It was a GLORIOUS October day.

The leaves were in the early stages of changing colors;
      their reflections on the still glass - like a paint brush, dipped in water.    

The sun was shining brightly, and the temperature was just right.  

As we walked along the dirt path, bordering the lake, we were (once again) two old friends -
     our busy lives, just shadows.   

Time went by too quickly, however, and before we knew it,
     we were back at the spot where we had begun.  

So, we continued our conversation at a nearby coffee shop,
     where we talked and shared some more,
as only two old friends can.   

For, who knows when time would allow us this opportunity . . . . . . again. 




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