Tuesday, October 23, 2012

. . . of the day.

Coffee Mug -

     Duck's Cottage

Weather -

     Beautiful!  Crisp, Fall morning.
Autumn colors everywhere.
Expected to warm into the 70's.

 Mood -

    Peaceful.  Mellow, but motivated.

Question -

     Should I quit the Boxing membership that I signed up for a month ago?
              Didn't I just say I was motivated?  But . . .

  •    I have only gone 3 times, and do I see that changing in the near future?
  •    In the meantime, I am spending money that I should probably be saving.  
  •    If I do quit, I need to come up with another plan for exercise.
  •    If I decide to quit, I need to give myself permission to do so.  

Goals -
  •  Make appointments for eyes, teeth, and girl parts.  
  • Mail birthday cards to my daughter and my niece.
  • Dog stinks and needs a haircut.     
  • Organize office area :  Sort through paperwork, get rid of clutter, make area a more creative space for writing.  

 Other thoughts - 

I wonder who has more fun running and chasing in the backyard - the dog or the squirrel?
Of course, the dog can jump on trees . . .
Ha, ha! I mean, the SQUIRREL can jump on trees.
Sudden idea for a children's story?

Possibly . . .

     possibly . . . . . . .

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