Friday, January 20, 2012

Driving Class

It was a rainy day, and for many a preschooler ( and teacher ),
     this means "indoor recess".

Or, what I now refer to as "Driving Class".  

For, when it is too cold or wet outside,
     we take a trip down the long hallway, trimmed in colorful artwork, 
into a large, open room filled with tricycles and scooters,
     as well as bright orange cones for the children to maneuver around 
until their hearts' content.  

As I stood and watched my little preschoolers drive around in circles,
     I found humor in the realization that watching them handle their tricycles
was much like being out in "real" traffic.

There was "Sunday Driver Suzie":

     She was in absolutely NO hurry, driving slowly and carefully around the cones, 
     taking time to notice EVERYTHING around her, 
     but not letting it distract her from driving in a SLOW straight  line.  
     AND, not allowing ANYONE to make her feel rushed. 

And, "Steady Eddie".

     He was driving at a very consistent speed ( not too slow, not too fast ),
     ALWAYS looking ahead ( not side to side ) and ALWAYS staying in a straight line.  

Also, "Speedy Petey":

     Like a race car driver, he was ZIPPING around the track, weaving in and out of traffic,
     not slowing down for ANYONE or ANYTHING,
     and ACTUALLY doing a pretty darn good job of it.   

And, "He Should Never Have a Cell Phone Sam":

     He noticed EVERYthing around him, pointing his "trike" in the same direction as his attention,
     going on and off the course, running into other tricycles and cones. 

And, of course, "Rule Breaker Bob":

     He was PURPOSELY driving outside of the cones and against the traffic,
     causing all KINDS of trouble, making all of the other drivers mad at him,
     and THOROUGHLY enjoying himself, in the process.    

And, "Traffic Cop Tammy":

     Telling EVERYONE ELSE what they SHOULD be doing or what they AREN'T doing right,
     to the point of parking her tricycle in an INCONVENIENT spot, and standing up in traffic,
     causing a traffic jam.   

And, then there was  "Public Transit Paul":

     He stood safely outside of the cones, and while he considered getting on a tricycle,
     watched everyone else drive around like maniacs, and with a concerned look on his face,
     decided to just . . . watch.    


Which one are you ? ? ? 

( The names have been changed to protect the innocent. )


  1. Replies
    1. I am Sunday Driver Suzie, and I married Speedy Petey. We love each other, but hate the way the other one drives.