Monday, October 21, 2013

"Tis the Season . . . for PUMPKINS (Apparently)!

I went to my favorite, local market, the other day, to pick up a few items for dinner. 

When I pulled into the parking lot, it resembled a Saturday morning.
I, actually, had a moment where I questioned my brain about what day I was in. 

Definitely Tuesday. 
NOT Saturday. 

They must be giving something away.

After spending ten minutes, circling the compact parking lot (testing my patience, as I was confronted by every type of “driver-challenged” label one could possibly come up with - for fear of hate mail, I will let your imagination do the talking),

. . . I finally found a spot.         

Taking my life into my own hands (visual of me walking side-by-side, with myself), I dared to walk through the parking lot of driver-challenged individuals, and safely (yet, barely) made it to the sidewalk.

I walked through the automatic doors and . . .

BAND playing!  LEIS (not lays) flying!  FACES grinning! 

I’m thinking, they are definitely giving something away,
     but I don’t think it is something they normally sell in the store. 

“It’s CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY!!!” someone hollered out. 

“OHHhhhh, YAY!” was my response, as I saw my “quick trip” to the store,
                         suddenly extended. 

And, there were pumpkins - EVERYWHERE.

Pumpkins in every size, shape, and color (apparently, orange pumpkins are going out of style). 

And, pumpkin FLAVORED . . .  everything.        
“Would you like to try a sample of pumpkin biscotti?” said one,
                         as he shoved a tray under my nose. 

“Pumpkin ravioli, over here!” said another. 

“Try a sample of our pumpkin coffee!” announced (yet) another. 

“Pumpkin pound cake?  Pumpkin waffles?  Pumpkin chips?  Pumpkin ale?”

Hmmmmm . . .

Amongst all the chaos, I tried to remember what I had come for.    

By the time I left (with my leis, around my neck), I had a new appreciation for pumpkins,
      and (in my head) I was doing a pumpkin appreciation dance. 

That night, for dessert, I served up Pumpkin Bread Pudding. 

OH, YUM!   

As I thought back to my trip to the market, I was still convinced they were giving something away,
  as I had never before seen such enthusiasm . . . over pumpkins.

And, I think, whatever it was (that they were giving away), 
     it may have been in the pumpkin-flavored coffee.  

That might explain my “pumpkin appreciation” dance.    

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