Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Haikus 2013

Autumn dusk settles;
     Dark, resting souls awakened;
haunting, to and fro. 

Restless souls, waiting
     for darkness to fall upon
the day; sweet rewards.

                                                   Lock your windows, bolt
                                                       the door; ‘Tis the night of the  
                                                  zombies, best beware!

Darkness looms; scary
     creatures wandering, lurking,
hankering . . . yearning. 

One., two, ghost says, “Boo!”
     Three, four, a knock at the door;
Five, six, “Treats, or . . . tricks?”

                                                              On this Hallows Eve,
                                                                 who wears a disguise, and who
                                                               dares stand in the light?

Mortals, be wary -
     be ready with sweets; tonight,
they come, craving treats.

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