Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Overactive (adj) - excessively active.

The bedroom windows were open, bringing life to the outdoors.
I had been lying awake for hours, it seemed, when I heard a strange noise.
The noise was subtle - a shuffling sound that was moving at a repetitive rate,
     getting closer, and closer, until . . .

It's a jogger, I said to myself.

I reached across the nightstand for my glasses, and sat up,
   bringing focus to the tiny, blue numbers on the cable television box -  5:00

Who on earth jogs at 5 a.m. ???

Then, I thought,

I have been lying here, awake, for hours - 
     jogging would probably be a much better use of my time. 
IF I had the motivation. Which, I don't. 
Think I'll just continue lying here, with hopes that I might fall back to sleep

About ten minutes later, I heard another noise.
Similar to the noise of the jogger, but different.
As the noise got closer, I realized it was someone walking.

More my pace, I thought, but STILL way too early.

Sleep, sleep - come on, sleep!

More minutes passed, and I heard, yet, another noise.
As it got closer,
   it sounded like several walkers, who were, also. . . TALKING.

THAT'S IT, I thought. It is DEFINITELY WAY too early for TALKING!!!

I rose from my bed, pushed open the screen, and popped my head out the window.


Of course, that last part happened in my mind, where most of MY early morning activity happens.

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