Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why the name "page3" ?

I believe I am a bit of a "late bloomer", only beginning to explore my many sides. I have been writing for most of my life, but several years back, I started to pay attention to the "me" that finds humor and amusement in every day circumstances, and began to write them down in the form of stories.

The first one I wrote, was about purchasing a cup of coffee (actually, a cafe late'), and like (a spilled cup of) coffee, the story flowed from my fingers onto the page. After reading it, I decided to send it into the Washington Post, which had a "page3" section where readers could send in their stories.

"What the heck?" I thought.

I believe it was several days later when I received a call from the editor, telling me that he would like to print my story. I was so excited that I wanted to jump through the roof! That was the beginning of my year-long relationship with page 3, as I averaged about a story every month in the Post.

I still send stories in every so often, and have recently taken a more active role in my pursuit to become a published children's book author.


  1. Good luck getting a childrens' book published, and good job with stories for the Post!