Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brilliant Idea of the Day

On many occasions, I have mentioned my opinion about bumper stickers. One day, at the risk of being DE-friend(ed)by many of my bumper sticker loving (or addicted) friends, I may write a story about it.

In the meantime, I will add to my lists (side, right)one that is titled,
"Bumper Stickers Worth Mentioning".
Heck, maybe I will even put it front and center. This is exciting, I know (for all 8 of you), and I am going to ask that you participate. If you see a funny, witty, intelligent (did I spell that right?), inspirational, ridiculous, sensational bumper sticker that is worth mentioning, please do so, and I will add it to my blog.

Also, if you can think of a saying that SHOULD be a bumper sticker, let me know. I am always coming up with ideas, myself. That and making up my own words out of messed up words. For example, "fouch". Try to guess which two words created that one word. Heck, I could probably make a bumper sticker and t-shirts just out of that one word.

Anyways, BUMPER STICKERS, people! And I do not want you to tell me that you are proud of your honor role student! Please play along : ) !!!!!


  1. I hate bumper stickers. That would be my bumper sticker.