Thursday, June 30, 2011

Be Still, My Heart ( Shaped Pizza )

The same day that I wrote about being cranky,
     I went to Whole Foods to take advantage of their "Two for Tuesday"
special - two pizzas for the price of one. 

I love my Whole Foods. 

It is the only "grocery" store that I can honestly say is a relaxing experience for me. 

As usual, friendly faces greeted me at the prepared food counter, as I asked about the pizza.

An adorably handsome and charming young man took my order
     ( 1 roasted veggie FOR ME, 1 cheese FOR THE KIDS, both wheat crust ),
and told me it would be about 20 minutes - an excuse for me to meander around the store
     and look at all of the cool and interesting ideas and items.    

When I returned for my pizzas, the young man said,
     "I have to show you something."  

He opened up the roasted veggie pizza box, and at first,
     I thought he was showing me that the crust was flawed -
it was not perfectly round; slightly flattened on one side.  

     " As long as it tastes good! "  I said.

As he closed up the box, he commented that the pizza was in the shape of a heart.

     " What?  Show it to me again, " I said.

When he reopened the box, THERE IT WAS. 

I could see that the crust had, indeed, been formed into the shape of a heart.

     "Flawed," I thought.  "Silly me." 

      "WOW!"  I said.  "No one has ever made me a heart shaped pizza before.  Thank you!"

The young man smiled and blushed, as one of his co-workers laughed and teased him.

As I walked away, I thought of three things:

1)  Isn't it funny how, at first,  my mood had effected how I saw the pizza -
          flawed instead of a work of art.  


2)  Just like when my kids were in preschool, always ask about the artwork first,
          before assuming that you know what it is. 
     That can be horribly embarrassing for both parties.

     Instead of :  

          "That's okay that the pizza crust is not perfectly round",

                                        I should have said, 

           "That pizza crust is not round.  What shape is that?" 


3)     It never ceases to amaze me how a simple act of human kindness can completely lift someones day. 

                                                       THANK YOU, PIZZA GUY ! 


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