Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Am I seriously about to write a blog about being cranky?


Why am I cranky?

Most of you could probably care less, and I wouldn't blame you.  

For those of you who don't, this is the point when you should stop reading.


This is your permission to go do something more important and worthwhile,
     like clean the dirt off the bottom of your shoes, or pluck your nose hairs. 

For those of you still here ( are you there?  are you there? ),
     please excuse me while I scuffle down this little narcissistic path, for a moment,
kicking a few rocks, in my way.     


When I announced this ( by text ) this morning, to a friend of mine,
     he texted back,

     "What brought it on?"

     "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?"  I thought, in all of my crankiness.
     "CRANKY IS CRANKY! (regardless of the source).    

My battery was low ( on my cell phone ), so I did not respond back. 

But, I thought I would give it some thought,
     so, just as I would retrace my steps when something has been misplaced,
I tried to go back to the moment when I first started to feel this way.

It probably began the night before, after an argument with one of my teenage children.

A common occurrence, lately.  

It continued when I decided to watch a movie on DVD.

Normally, this would be a nice escape, however,
     the book that I was reading for my Book Club, in the midst of moving from one house to the other,
was not coming along at a rapid pace,   
     and I decided to try watching the movie to fill in the blanks.
The movie was about as exciting as the book, which only made me more irritated.

     "They made a movie out of this???" I thought.  

Barely an hour into it, I fell asleep.

The alarm went off way too early this morning, but I was already awake,
     as the sound of the trash truck awoke me at 6 a.m. ( and I had gone to bed at 1:30 ).

Three attempts to wake-up my teenage son for summer school, and he was finally up,
     but we were out the door later than we should have been.

Back at home, there were still boxes to be unpacked, toilets to be cleaned,
      floors to be mopped, closets to be organized, pictures to be hung,
trees to be trimmed (and I'm not talking Christmas), and (as I am saying this),
     MORE ADVIL that needs to be taken, as a result of all of the "tree trimming"
that was done over the weekend.

I'm feeling OLD!  

Thank goodness for my partner in crime, who helped TREMENDOUSLY.

I was more of his assistant, really.

He is also feeling the pain ( in case you were wondering ), but he is a few years older than I.  

In addition to the Advil, I have been smothering myself with Neosporin for all of the cuts and scrapes,
     and Benadryl,  for the potential patch of poison ivy,
which I have never experienced before (that I recall).

Guess it wasn't smart of me to be wearing flip flops when I was clearing out the ivy.  

There are also bills to be paid, a box that needs to be mailed to my daughter at camp,
     my car needs to be cleaned out, and my youngest son is asking a million questions,
making noise just to fill the air (which I know I will miss, one day),
and (like my poison ivy) . . . . . .  itching for something to do!

Why didn't I sign him up for camp ? ? ?

On the positive side, he does seem to enjoy my company, 
     and I do take responsibility for my personality.  

By that, I mean that the transition from "school year schedule" to summertime,
     is not always easy for me.
I like to have "quiet time" in the mornings, to give me a chance to reflect,
     to write, and to organize my day.
I don't like to have conversations in the morning,
     and most of all,


My boys always have lots of questions.

Well, my 12 year old has lots of questions.

My 15 year old has lots of COMMENTS.

I am not sure which I like least.


Anyways, I realize that I am probably not a lot of fun to hang out with in the mornings.

Unless, maybe, you are a librarian.

I would do well in a library, in the mornings.

"Shhhhhh!  NO TALKING!" 

Anyways, where am I going with this?

I'm not really sure, but one thing I realized is that there are two things that I have been neglecting, lately.

Two things that I was really making an effort to fit into my daily routine:  

Writing and Exercise. 

Lately, I have not made time for either, and, as I have mentioned in previous blog stories, 
     it makes me feel out of sync.  

That, and I could really use a vacation.  

I was really hating Facebook, this morning, as I was looking at all of the vacation photos. 

All of those happy, rested "friends" with suntans.  

Then, I looked in the mirror and saw this pale-skinned "person", looking back at me, 
     with well-formed bags under the eyes, and in need of a haircut.    

That vacation does not look like it is happening anytime soon, 
     but after I dropped my youngest off at a friend's house, 
Bon Jovi's, "Living On A Prayer" (playing on the radio),
and leftover Thai food (from the fridge) for lunch . . . . . . lifted my spirits. 

AND, I fit in some time for my writing, even if it is about being cranky.  

As for the exercise?  

That will have to wait - time to pick my son up from school and take him to his job. 

I may grab a dark chocolate Dove bar out of the freezer, on my way out.

Chocolate, also, helps to relieve cranky behavior.  




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