Friday, June 17, 2011

My New Neighbors

To the left, lives a nice couple (Jen and Doug) with two adorable little boys.
 Jen and the boys, 5 (and a half) and 2, brought over two delicious plates of brownies,
     which MY two adorable (not so little) boys scarfed down before the day's end.
 They gave us all of the "scoop" on which community pool to join,
     and a few of the social events coming up in the neighborhood.
 I met Doug when my boys and I were out pruning trees.
 He was thrilled to see us cutting down many of the unruly branches, and offered his help.
 Apparently, the previous homeowners did not do much in the way of yard work.

Across the street, lives a military couple. 
The wife, Molly,  is a retired "empty nester", and the husband works at the Pentagon. 
They have 3 grown children (all out of the house), whom are all 15 MONTHS APART.

     "Where we were stationed," she said, " there was nothing better to do!"


We had a very enjoyable conversation, which I sensed that neither of us wanted to end,
     as she shared a little bit of the history of the neighborhood.
I look forward to talking to Molly again.   

To the right, lives a woman from Thailand (Becky), who has one college-age son. 
She told me she is 58, but she does not look a day over 43.
After her husband died, her older sister came over from Thailand to live with her.
The sister can be seen out gardening, most days, wearing her traditional Thai garb, 
and she always waves, enthusiastically, when she sees me. 

The three of us stood out on the front yard, and had a discussion about Thai food,
as I love to eat it, and took a Thai cooking class a few years ago. 
Becky and her sister walked around and showed me all of the wonderful herbs they are growing in their garden, including an abundance of fresh mint, to which they offered me unconditional use. 

"Just walk over and take a clipping, whenever you would like," said the older sister. 

They also invited me to a Thai Festival coming up this month. 

"We could go together," said the oldest,
       "and when you come visit Thailand, you stay with me!"   

I don't know if I will make it there anytime soon (buying a house is expensive),
but I am considering the festival (in between a graduation party and completing a fence),
will definitely take them up on some fresh mint (and have them over for mojitos),
and am considering asking if I can borrow one of their hats -

the gnats have been terrible!

In the meantime, as I have been out doing yardwork,
people have randomly stopped by to say "hello", and welcome me to the neighborhood.
There is a lot of foot traffic in this neighborhood, which is nice. 
People out jogging, people out walking - by themselves, with partners, or with dogs.
LOTS of dogs. 
More for Charlie to bark at. 
I may need to consider taking him back to dog obedience school. 
Otherwise, I will become the "new neighbor with the adorable, yet obnoxious barking dog".
My house sits right next to a public walking path,
and even though there is a six foot privacy fence separating the two,
Charlie's canine hearing works perfectly well. 

I think I am going to like my new neighbors,
and once I get control of Charlie's barking issues, I think they will like me, too! 

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  1. This was a fun post to read. I hope you enjoy your new neighborhood and new neighbors.

    I like quiet mornings, (I WAS a librarian, and loved my authority to "shush" people), and reading this quaint post was like a nice cup of tea in the morning.