Thursday, February 16, 2012

Exercise Class

Today, I co-taught Music & Movement to a class full of 4-year olds.

While they were sitting in a circle, waiting for instructions, 
     one little boy spontaneously pushed up on his hands and feet,
pushing his bottom into the air, and announced,

      " I know how to do a table!"  

And, without further ado,
     several other children joined him in the "table pose",
announcing that they, too, could do it.    

     "That looks like yoga," I said.  "Where did you learn that?"  

     "I don't know, " said the little boy.  "We just know it!"  

     "Do you like doing yoga?" I asked the class. 

     "YES!" said the class, unanimously.  

Then, my co-teacher said, 

     "Maybe we could do a yoga class in here, one day soon."  

     "YAYYYY!" they all cheered.    

And, one little girl added,

     "And, after that, we should do . . . . . . 


Who needs to join a gym, when you can teach preschool ? ! ! 

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