Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Preschool is a GREAT place to be on Valentine's Day. 

The girls embrace the opportunity to wear their "pretty-in-pink" . . . . . .  or purple, or red.
And, the boys, too, wear their colors, handsome and proud.  

They bring with them valentines, either store bought, or made from home. 
Eyes all aglow with anticipation,
     as they wait for the opportunity to hand out  their paper-made gestures;  
then, carefully placing them into decorated envelopes or bags.

For snack, some sort of sugary sweet,
     shaped like a heart,and dipped in chocolate . . . . . . yum!
Which, we enjoy, as we talk about love and giving,
     caring, and sharing, and friendship.  

That's what Valentine's Day is about.  

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