Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I left all of my electronics behind.   
I did not bring my laptop or my cell phone,
     and since I do not own an ipad (or iphone or ipod ),
that pretty much covers it. 

I DID bring a hair straightener, but I will leave that for another story.

I figured, if a story came along,
     I would jot down a few words in a notebook.

Which, I did. 

It looked something like this:

Trying to get to our seats on the airplane (French foreign exchange students) - 
 "go that way, go this way, go around, go over".
Sponge Bog Square Toilet
Speaking of toilet . . .  "To Let"
Voice in the elevator . . . my Rosetta Stone for learning a British accent - 
"Going Down" , "Floor Four" . 
Man at the pub who "let a loud one loose".
etc., etc., etc.

I wrote two full pages of this. 

The problem was, I missed my laptop.

I was . . . I AM accustomed to writing my stories almost immediately 
      after they come to me.  
The inspiration hits, and like a bad case of the runs, 
     I RUSH to my laptop before it's too late.   
The only difference is, if I wait too long, there is nothing there . . . nothing left.  
The opposite of ( pardon my English ) "shitting one's pants".    

Sometimes, if I sit long enough (at my computer), 
     I can bring some of the thoughts and words back.

But, it is not the same.   

It is not as good . . . not as real . . . not as RAW.  

Not only that, but there is a "flow" between my brain and my fingers, 
     as they tap the letters on the keyboard -
a flow that allows me to type my thoughts
               just as quickly as they fly into my brain.  

And, though I enjoy writing by hand - the "art" of a pen or pencil, as it etches across the page, 
     it slows down my thoughts, impeding my progress.    

So . . . 

     on my next trip, 
          I will definitely be bringing my laptop, 
so that I can type up my stories, as they happen.   

So that I won't miss 
     a single thing. 


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  1. I find it helpful to keep a small pad of paper and many pens in my purse, because an idea or inspiration can come at anytime, so I am always prepared. I prefer to let my writing be RAW and unedited, too, and have only recently allowed myself to write down and edit posts pre-publishing.