Friday, March 9, 2012

Unchartered Places - Part II of "The Chocolate Croissant"

So, a funny thing about my elliptical.

I have had it for YEARS, and ( probably because of my lack of patience with electronic devices )
     I have still not explored all of its potential.

Not even close, actually.  

In fact, the only program that I have used is the one that says "Quick Start".

Just get on it, and go. 

No thought required.  

But, today, since there actually IS no program labeled "Burn Off Chocolate Croissant",
     I thought I would search for something that came close,
and noticed a button labeled "Workouts Plus".

THAT sounds like a "Chocolate Croissant" burning workout, I thought  -
          the "regular" workout PLUS the extra 320 calories I need to burn off. 
I pressed the button to look at my options, and stumbled upon . . .  

                    "Around the World".  

Fresh off my visit to Europe, this one sounded PERFECT.  

I entered all of the necessary information ( age, weight, exercise level, length of workout ),
     and pressed "start". 

And, wouldn't you know, the first stop was . . . . . . EUROPE!

Then Africa, then Asia, then South America . . . 

The only problem was, no pictures.

My only visual was the little red dots on the screen -
     less dots for flatter ground, and more dots for hills and mountains.

So, I had to use my imagination.

Maybe that's where the "PLUS" comes into play.  

I wonder how many calories a good imagination can burn? 

I am going to imagine . . . . . .

A   LOT.  

( Imagine Picture Here)

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