Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Chocolate Croissant

My daughter asked me to pick her up some Trader Joe's frozen chocolate croissants.

So, I did.   

The next morning, I walked downstairs to find a small hunk of dough sitting on a pan,
     and the oven on pre-heat.
I thought I'd help her out, so I took the croissant box out of the freezer,
and read the directions.

               Step 1:  Place frozen pastries, seam side down . . . 
                           on a very lightly buttered or paper lined baking sheet.  


               Step 2:  Allow uncovered croissants 
                            TO SIT AT ROOM TEMPERATURE FOR 9 HOURS


     "Ha-ley!" I hollered up the stairs.
      "You were supposed to allow the croissant to sit out overnight!" 
My daughter came downstairs looking very disappointed.  
She looked at the box and said, in a very determined voice,
     "I'm going to try it, anyways."   

               Step 3:  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

               Step 4:  optional egg wash ( not necessary ) . 

               Step 5:  Bake 20 - 25 minutes

               Step 6:  Cool about 10 minutes 

I looked at the clock, and noticed that she did not have enough time to cook the croissant, 
     even if it wasn't . . . . . . frozen.   

     "That's why I put the temperature a lot higher," she remarked. 

With a raise of the eyebrow (unlike the dough),
      and a smirk on my face ( I probably would have done the same thing ), 
I said,  
     "It will be an experiment!"  

Ten minutes later, the lump of dough ( though, slightly golden) did not look much different.   

"Don't think it's going to happen," I said,
                as she took it out of the oven, looking defeated.   
"You can try again tomorrow.  Remember to take it out of the freezer tonight."

She left the croissant sitting on the tray, on top of the stove, and left for school.

Several hours later, I was passing through the kitchen (on my way to exercise), 
     and thought, I'd better do something with that croissant. 
And, as I contemplated whether to save or dispose of it, I decided to try a bite.      

     "How bad can it be, really?" I said to myself.  

I put it in my mouth, and . . . . . . wowwww.

SOOOOOOOOO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .good.

I mean, REALLY good.

I took another bite, and another.  

I peeled away the layers and the gooey chocolate and ate bite after bite after bite.    

It was SO good that I simply could not stop eating it, until it was gone.  

I pulled the box out of the freezer (again), and looked at the calorie count. 

320 calories per croissant.  

"Okay, then!" I said, 
     as I walked downstairs, where my elliptical was waiting for me, 
and searched for the workout program that read, 
"Burn Off Chocolate Croissant".   

It was worth every bite.  

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