Tuesday, May 7, 2013

And, So it Is . . .

Crystal clear, blue sky, warm sun; cool breeze.
It was a perfectly beautiful Spring day.
The kind of day you want to permanently capture in your mind,
     and take a trip there, anytime that you please.

Flying around, with not a care in the world, until . . .


He chose to land on the wrong spot.

Across the air, he sailed, landing on the hard, rustic surface;
     lying, helpless, on his back - his legs, dangling, toward the sky.  

Why, why, WHY did he have to land on my finger like that? I asked.

When I was a child, I would not even harm an ant,
     believing that all creatures had a purpose and deserved a chance.  
Watching him wriggle and squirm, I just could not take it.
I removed the shoe from my foot, and . . .


I had to do it.
It's all over for him now.

And, so it is . . .

     one minute, flying around, happy and carefree,
           enjoying the blue sky, the warm sun, the cool breeze . . .
     the next - unrecognizable, lying squished on a dead piece of wood.

In that moment, just for a brief moment, as I was feeling the weight of my sorrow,
     I stared at that dead, squished bug, and thought,
I wish someone would put me out of my misery.

Just for a moment, you know?

But, I am the one with the feet and,
     as weakened as my spirit may be,
I have to lift myself up and carry the weight of my troubles . . .

     see the sky, feel the sun, touch the breeze . . .

                       ON THE WRONG SPOT.