Monday, August 30, 2010

"Becoming Me (Fat)"

So, I have had several people suggest to me to write more about food and wine on my blog.  Blog friends and followers have recommended restaurants and wines from all over.  While the wine is easy enough for me to pick up at the local wine store, pop open the cork (or plastic stopper), and pour into a glass, a restaurant that is located in San Francisco, Chicago, or a little more complicated.

For any of you who have seen the movie, "Julie & Julia", Julie set up an account on her blog so that followers could send in money for her to pay for the ingredients needed in her recipes, or they just mailed her the ingredients.

Soooooo..................if any of you are willing to send me money to visit any of these restaurants (or just mail me a plane ticket), I would be more than willing to fly just about anywhere in order to try them out.

We could call it the "Becoming Me (Fat) Fund".

Everyone on board??????????????????? 

And, by the way, what DO you call a wine cork that is made out of plastic?  If it doesn not have an official name, I think we need to come up with one.  A "plork", maybe????