Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene 2011 Preparation Report

My dog, Charlie, is behaving very anxious and erratic.
Either post traumatic stress from the earthquake, or pre-hurricane jitters?
He keeps barking at me, like he is trying to tell me something, and wanting me to pick him up.  

Yesterday, I went to the grocery store,
     and at the risk of being stared at like I am behaving in a hysterical manner,
I bought all of the items necessary to prepare for Irene:  

T.P., Bottled water, Milk, Ice, Bleach, Batteries, Junk Food, and Alcohol.

And, a mop.

Because, I needed a mop.   

Today, I actually went to The Home Depot to buy a shovel.

Did you know that "Home Depot" has a "The" in front of it?

Sadly, I did not.

And, sandbags.

I bought sandbags.

My lower level patio fills up quickly when it rains.

Then, I went to buy school supplies for my 15 year old, who starts school on Monday.

Strange, shopping for school supplies and hurricane supplies in the same day.

On a positive note, the hurricane is a distraction from the many stresses associated
     with getting one's kids ready for school.


My child starts school on TUESDAY. 

I just received an e-mail that they canceled school for Monday. 

My 12 year-old's soccer tournament this weekend, however, is still a "go"!

THAT could be interesting.  

Stay tuned . . . . . . 

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