Saturday, August 27, 2011

Soccer Tournament "Irene"

Even with the "IMPENDING IRENE", the soccer games were ON.

 We made it more than halfway through the game before Irene began to show signs of herself.

Up until that moment, she was just a threat, hovering over us - disguised in her blanket of gray clouds.

She began to rain down, and like a choreographed dance,
     the soccer umbrellas went up.

It's unfortunate that she did not show up sooner.

The boys began to step up their game, as if she were an extra player.

Unfortunately, it was not enough to dig them out of a 4-1 loss ( ouch ).

Moving into game #2, she teased us, and the choreographed dance of the umbrellas continued.

Up and down.  

Up and down.    

In the end, the boys pulled out a tie.

Ironically, the nuisance on the field was not so much from Irene,
     but from the sprinklers that were on during the entire day.

What a waste. 

Sources say that Irene is supposed to show her worst side tonight.

Tomorrow, the sun is supposed to be shining.

We'll see what Day 2 of the tournament holds, if there is one.

More importantly, we'll see if someone finally turned the damn sprinklers off.   


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