Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Good Cry ( With a Side of Chocolate)

Over the last week ( or so), I have stared at this blank page on my computer,
     trying to "will" a story out of my head, and onto my blog page.   


The responsibilities of life have got me down -
     the right side of my brain, plagued with the inability to produce creative thought. 

Still . . . . . . nothing. 

Instead, my head - swarming with thoughts, concerns, worries.

Not just those of my own, but ( it seems ) everyone else's.

Such is the burden of being a mom -
     absorbing the stresses of everyone around us, stockpiling it onto our own,
until the weight becomes too much to bare.  

That's when our coping mechanisms kick in.
Like . . . . .

     a good cry, or . . . . . . chocolate.

This morning, I had both.  

That reminds me to add something to my "responsibility list" : 







  1. AMEN! I also just heard a report that dark chocolate has the same effect on muscles as exercise.