Monday, May 3, 2010

The Forgetful Shower

Ever take an entire shower, turn the water off, and realize you have no idea what or even IF you washed anything?  So, you run through your mind, going through the entire process like a check list? 

1)  Did I use soap?
2)  Did I use shampoo?
3)  Did I use conditioner?

When that does not help, you run your fingers through your hair, to see if it feels like it has been conditioned.  But, even if it does, you still question whether or not you conditioned it, because by now you don't trust your mind at all! 

So, what do you do?  You go through the entire process all over again (or for the very first time, depending on whether you did and forgot, or just plain forgot), wondering the entire time,

"What the hell was I doing, standing in the shower for ten minutes??????"


  1. Great thought, because the reality is... who of us has not gone through this, and wondered? Well I have... even worse... after I am dry and comfy after my shower, I go... Wholly Guacamoly.. I did not wash... LOL

    What about checklist item 4) Did I use shaving cream?

  2. Shaving cream? What's that???