Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today I Messed Up

Today I messed up. 

I forgot to bring my youngest son's trumpet to school (after he forgot it). 

I did, however...............

Stand at his classroom door first thing this morning, and collect flowers from his classmates to present to his teacher.
I helped my older son make his lunch, drove him to school, picked him up from school, and took him to his orthodontist appointment. 
I bravely said good-bye to my sixteen year-old daughter, as she drove herself to school for the second week in a row.
I made the bed.
I sent e-mails out to parents at school. 
I nailed down a new insurance policy for the car. 
I "kindly" declined two offers for home improvements. 
I said hello to my neighbor.
I ran up to school to pick up my youngest son (after the bus had a minor accident).  
I cooked dinner and cleaned up the kitchen before the tutor arrived.
I did a load of laundry, and paid a few bills. 
I made sure the dog was fed, let him outside when he needed to go, and played with him when there was noone else to play with.
I listened as my youngest told me that his soccer coach was pleased with his performance, and I sat with him as he showed me what he wanted for his birthday.
I listened as my older son told me about being moved to a different position on the lacrosse team, and I asked him how he felt about that. 
I listened as my daughter gave me the news about being recommended for advanced English, and about her thoughts about next year's classes. 
I had good phone conversations with friends who are important to me. 
I met two new people.
I reconnected with a friend from the past on facebook.
I danced a little.
I sang a little.
I laughed a little.
I both gave and received a hug. 
I spent some time writing.        

Today I messed up. 

I forgot to bring my son's trumpet to school (after he forgot it). 

When I realized I forgot, I called the school to see if it was too late.  Band class was already halfway over. 

"I guess I won't get any 'mom points' today," I told the voice on the phone. 

"We all have days like that," she said.  "We do the best we can."

(photo credit - Leslie Morrissette)