Saturday, May 22, 2010

Page Three Girl

I was trying to explain my blog to someone recently, searching around for the right words, when she said,               
              "Just like your 'Page Three' stories!"
              "Yes!" I exclaimed.  I was thrilled to find out that she had read them.

From 2006 - 2009, I had the unique pleasure of seeing my (sometimes sweet, sometimes witty) stories about every day moments and observations, published in the "Page Three" section of The Washington Post newspaper.

I had thought about actually naming my blog "Page Three", but of course, that title does not belong to me.  It belongs to the editor of The Washington Post, who created it, and afterall, I was only one of MANY writers who had the honor of being chosen to fill that spot.

Interestingly enough, it was brought to my attention recently, that "Page Three" might not have been the best name for my blog..........for other reasons, as well.

Apparently, The Sun, a British tabloid newspaper features a "topless or nude photograph of a female glamour model."  Because these photos are published on the newspaper's third page, these models are referred to as "Page Three Girls".   (


So, while I am proud of my "Page Three" nickname that some of my friends have referred to me as, it is safe to say that you will never see nude photos of me on "Page Three" OR on my blog, and believe me when I tell you, that should be a HUGE relief to you all.  I have, however, posted (above, right) the most SEXY photo of me that I could find.  Please try not to get overly excited.   

In the meantime, my blog containing "Page Three" - like stories will continue to be called "Becoming Me - Upside Down".  That may just be temporary, however, because I am searching for a new title - one that more closely defines my blog.

If you can think of anything, let me know!  Then, I will have to figure out how to change my title without losing my followers. 



  1. Just entertaining the thought, Liz.

  2. Visions of new blog names danced in my head last night. Even after writing in "The Adventurous Life of Mine", I still wonder if my life is adventurous for that to be in the title . . . but it's a literary reference, so I can't let it go.