Monday, May 17, 2010


So, my son walks in this morning, half awake, and mumbles,

                   " I need to go get some fungus."

I thought he was sleepwalking..........dreaming...............somewhere between asleep and awake.

                  "I need to go get some fungus," he mumbles again, "and I need a knife."

Like an unexpected alien that had just walked into the room, I am not quite sure what to do with this statement, so I just stand there, confused. 
Keep in mind that I am not quite awake, myself, and there is the possibility that ONE of us is dreaming. 

He pulls open the drawer that contains the knives, and begins to rummage through. 

                  "Fungus where, and for what?"  I ask.  Valid question, as I am still not sure about his state of consciousness.

                   "Out by the tree stump," he said, "I need it for Science class," he responds (in such a way that I should have KNOWN what he was talking about, all along). 

And the light finally goes on.  "BING!" 

I realize he is referring to the giant mushrooms that sometimes grow around the tree stump in the back yard.  I had recently mowed the grass, and had to maneuver around them.  I tried to mow OVER them, but after the lawn mower choked and gagged over the pieces, I decided to just let the mushrooms be.

Now that the "pieces" to the riddle have all come together, I can conjure up an appropriate response.      
Not knowing if it's the truth, I tell him, 

                   "You won't need a knife.  They should just pull right up." 

Out the door he went, in search of his mushrooms.  Shortly thereafter, he came walking back in with a bag full of very authentic looking.............. fungus.       

Standing there in my kitchen, in my house, in the middle of the suburbs, I say to myself,

                  "Another day; another adventure."    

(photo credit - Leslie Morrissette)

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