Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Definition of "Toilet Paper Roll"

There are certain words that slip me up, occasionally, and I have to use my resourceful dictionary to set me straight. Oddly enough, it is usually words that are quite simple that give me pause, from time to time.

For example, in the story below, the word "roll" (as in toilet paper) vs. role (acting like a roll of toilet paper).

There are two things that fascinated me about this word:

1) Did you know that the word "roll" has 31 verb definitions, and 30 noun definitions (Encarta Dictionary) ? Wow! That is a lot.


2) While I am familiar with the phrase "a roll in the hay", as well as the definition (and visual) associated with it, I did not know that the actual "word" roll (noun definition #30) means "sex act".   Did you?


One more thing about the word "roll". With all of the definitions, including the slang phrases "a roll in the hay", to be "rolling in it", "on a roll", and "rolled into one", I am surprised that "toilet paper roll" is not included, so here is my version of the definition for toilet paper roll - 

Toilet paper roll - (n)

Thin, paper-like substance wrapped tightly around a cardboard tube, with the main purpose of wiping one's "private parts", after using the toilet. It is also useful for picking up unwanted bugs around the house, wiping one's nose when there aren't any tissues, or cleaning up unwanted messes (pets, children, etc.), as well as acts associated with......................................... noun definition #30.

(Not to mention, a source of marital conflict, as well as an attractive decoration, sometimes found in trees.)

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