Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Rainy, Wednesday Evening.................

It is a rainy, Wednesday evening.  My kids are with their dad, and I am alone.  Alone, with my leftover Chinese food (moo shu pork, szechuan green beans, and steamed rice), and a bottle of red.

My pick, for tonight?  Montecillo, Crianza, 2006.  This is the first time I have tasted it, and I will admit, I picked it off the wine shelf as much for the beautiful, red garnet label, with gold leaf script, as I did for the reason that I love to say the word -

The bonus is that the wine is quite good, in my opinion, and if I am the one drinking it, my opinion is all that matters.

To accompany my leftover Chinese food and Rioja wine?  Movies from the eighties era, that I happened to stumble upon.  It always feels like such a treat when that happens, for how often does one flip channels, only to find nothing worth watching at all?  But tonight, the lineup is full.

First, the movie, "Cocktail", moving on to "Mystic Pizza" , and rounding out the evening with a classic nineties movie, "Fried Green Tomatoes".

Like I said, "WHAT A TREAT", and that has nothing to do with the fact that the combination of the titles would make a well balanced, and delicious meal. 

My favorite takeaway quotes for the night?

First, from "Mystic Pizza".  After Julia Robert's character dumps barrels full of fish into her boyfriend's Porsche (she thinks he is cheating on her, only to find out that he is having dinner with his sister) -  

                      Daisy (Julia Roberts) :  "I fucked up."
                      Charles (Adam Storke):   "Yeah, but you gave it 100% effort."

Then, from "Fried Green Tomatoes" -

                      Evelyn (Kathy Bates) :   "I'm too young to be old, and I'm too old to be young.  I must be going crazy."

Huh.  Maybe I'M going through menopause.    

As for the movie, "Cocktail", I never was much of a Tom Cruise fan, but I have to admit, I love watching him and Bryan Brown toss those liquor bottles around, choreographed to some good eighties music.  Not to mention, the scene that takes place in Jamaica.  What I would give to swim in the clear, green-blue waters of Jamaica, with someone I love................................underneath a waterfall.

For now, I will pour myself another glass of Mon-ti-CHEE-yo.......................... and dream about Jamaica and waterfalls.

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