Monday, August 30, 2010

Stoke vs. Stroke

I recently wrote this letter to Jamie,
    at Duck's Cottage.

AFTER sending it, I reread it,
   only to find an unfortunate, yet hilarious mistake.

Pay special attention to the words in bold print.

Needless to say, I then sent a follow-up letter.


I am back at my home in Northern Virginia, 
   though mentally (at least half of me) is still in Duck.

I wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you,
   and to see my blog story pinned to the bulletin board of one of the places I love.
I took a photo of it, while I was there.

I would, also, like to thank you and everyone at Duck's Cottage who work so hard
   to make it such a special place.
It dawned on me, that "we people who are on vacation while you are working your butts off " probably take your hard work, dedication, and PATIENCE for granted.
So, "THANK YOU!" for making Duck's Cottage such a great place to visit.

Also, I purchased a book while I was there that I LOVE.
It is called "The Middle Place", by Kelly Corrigan.
I picked it off the shelf based on pure aesthetics, and read the summary on the back cover.
I have loved it from the very first page.
The author writes and thinks so similar to myself,
   and inspires me to (maybe) one day be able to write a book like that, myself.
Who knows!

Anyways, I had been looking for a book to grab all summer long,
   and I finally found it at Duck's Cottage, nearly at Summer's tail end.
It is the kind of book where you want to stoke a highlighter across its pages,
   to later share with people you love.
I have been smiling and laughing aloud, while reading Kelly's wonderful stories
   and life observations.

So, thanks for posting my blog, thanks for your hard work, and thanks for my summer reading book!

All the best,

Leslie Morrissette



It is supposed to say "stroke" a highlighter, NOT "stoke".
That would be a very different meaning, indeed.




  1. No wonder you were laughing and smiling the whole time, after you stoked the highlighter!

  2. Wow, you and I DO think alike ! ; )

  3. So good to know. Sometimes I wonder if everyone in my life just thinks I'm crazy while I'm laughing at some odd tidbit in a conversation.

  4. I used to feel like that a LOT. I am not sure if it is a result of getting older, or surrounding myself with people who better understand my perspective and my humor. Pretty sure it is a combination of both : )