Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Italy, Part II

     As we stepped forward to reach for the door handle,

a YOUNG ITALIAN MAN appeared out of nowhere,

opening the door, as he waived his welcoming hand out, guiding us through the doorway. 

He then rushed over to show us to our table, seemingly proud of the "catch" he just made. 

The cozy room where we sat consisted of no more than ten tables,

and felt like we had just walked into momma's Italian kitchen. 

The walls were covered in autographed photos of celebrities

who had frequented the restaurant, over the years. 

Some of them dating back quite a ways.         

When the waiter came over to our table, I asked,

     "What type of wine do you have?"

     "Red and white," he responded. 

One type of red.  One type of white. 

     "Red, it is," I stated.

He opened an over-sized bottle of red, poured us each a glass, and left it sitting on the table.

My friend and I ordered the spaghetti and meatballs, with an extra plate to share.

The wine was........................mediocre, at best. 

The kind of wine that can only taste better with each glass, and dirt cheap.

Little did we know, we would be spending HOURS there, and drinking MANY glasses.

For, as we were eating our meal, which tasted as good as I had hoped,

the owner of the restaurant made an unexpected announcement,

directing our attention toward the window front table of mafia lookalikes.

In fact, if my memory serves me correctly

(although, now, looking back on it, it seems more like a dream),

out of nowhere, a spotlight shined down on the subjects.

     "Do you have ANY idea whose presence you are dining with this evening?" he boasted.

     "Television series, Sopranos, Martin Scorsese movie, Casino, and many others," he continued on.

And then, he announced,

     "Vinny Vella!"

Claps and cheers erupted from the customers and restaurant staff. 

     "There really IS an actor from The Sopranos sitting at that table!" I said to my friend and laughed.

The evening had only just begun.   

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