Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Road Trip

Yesterday, the teenagers and I ( my two oldest "children") went on a road trip.

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE road trips.

While any good road trip does not have to have a purpose,
     we had a 2:00 meeting to visit a college campus, three hours away.

Out the door at a decent hour, a quick "on the go" stop for coffee and breakfast,
      and we were on our way.

I settled into my seat, allowing my alter egos, GPS and Cruise Control, to take over.  

I had more important things to do, like choosing the right radio station to suit my mood.

In order to have a successful road trip, one must ABSOLUTELY have good music.

The teenagers were plugged into their own, 
     so I had complete control over the knob (or button).    

Little did I know, Mondays are  "Eighties Appreciation Days",
     and since it was Monday,
my road trip turned out to be a trip down memory lane, as well.

The Police, The Cars, RICK JAMES (Super Freak!), B-52's, Pat Benatar, Billy Joel, Billy name a few.

I knew all the lyrics, and sang aloud with unbridled joy.     

Every song brought with it a memory,
     transporting me back to a carefree time in my life,
when the most difficult decision was where to hang out on a Friday night.  

By the time we reached our destination, I felt like I was seventeen again.

As I walked toward the campus with my two teenagers, however,
     I was quickly reminded that I was not. 

I am the PARENT of a SEVENTEEN year old,
     who is about to go off to college (I told myself).

Maybe I will go back to the car and listen to eighties music...............







  1. AMEN! You MUST come with me the next time Toxic Mouse plays... they are an 80s metal tribute band complete with wigs and spandex... you will love it.

  2. I was driving once when the radio announcer announced that they were about to play an "oldie but goodie". And then they played . . . Prince. I grew up listening to Prince, and now he's an "oldie"?? Just to confirm my maturity, I drove across town to a small Christian college to see just how NOT YOUNG I am. But, hey, at least I grew up with GOOD MUSIC. I don't know WHAT the kids are listening to nowadays.

  3. Oldie? Really?
    What is great is that my teenagers appreciate the music that I listened to.
    Except for The Police. My daughter says that I played too much of it when she was younger and apparently, it poisoned her, as apposed to Poison, another 80's band ; )