Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Free Will?

Over the weekend, I saw the movie, The Adjustment Bureau, which brings up the age old question - 

 Do we have free will, or are our lives predetermined? 

The message that I walked away with,
     is that our lives are, indeed, predetermined, 


we DO have free will to change our paths,
     if we believe strongly enough in something to do so. 

The question is - 

     How hard are you willing to fight for it?

     How much courage do you have? 

And,  ultimately - 

     How strongly do you believe in whatever it is 
          that could change your path..........................forever?   

     Are you willing to lose those things that,
          while they may not have brought you any of the answers
     or the happiness that you have been searching for,
     have been a constant in your life - reliable, and "always there"?

It is easy to continue following the same path,
     taking very little risk, in the process,
but the reality is that, very often, those "constants" in your life . . . . .  are just an illusion. 

The bigger question is -

     Are you leading an AUTHENTIC life?

          A life that you believe in?

               A life where you feel like you "fit" into the picture?

     A life where you are surrounded by people with whom you believe in,
          and they, in turn, believe in you?    

Something to think about . . . . . . . . on a Tuesday afternoon. 



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