Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Mommy

Sitting in traffic yesterday,
     I noticed the license plate in the lane next to me read, 


I have had the "license plate discussion" before.  

I choose not to have a personalized plate for a number of reasons.

One, is that I choose to remain anonymous.

Should I happen to make some idiot move in traffic
     (not that I ever do - I am an EXCELLENT driver),
I do not want to be easily identified, later on.  

"Look, there's that *#^! that cut me off in traffic yesterday!"  

Another reason is that, a license plate can make a statement that holds you accountable.  

For example, the license plate that I mentioned - 


I am going with the assumption that it means "Happy Mommy".  

While I am no longer a "mommy", and have moved onto "mom-hood",
     I have had many a mommy day (as well as "mom" days) when I was NOT happy.  

ESPECIALLY, in the car - 

dropped toys or pacifiers that are out of reach, diaper blow-outs, car seat temper tantrums,

"I'm hungry!", sibling fights, "Are we there YET?", not enough logged in hours of sleep,  

spilled juice, spilled fishy crackers,

And, WORST of all ( I think most of you will agree) -  CAR SICKNESS.    

That being said, I have had many happy mommy and mom days, as well,
     and I would not trade the job for anything in the world.      

But, I would imagine that, if someone were to pull up next to my car
     (during one of my typical mommy days),
they would have been just as likely to have seen me with one of my
"Calgon, please take me away!" faces,
as they would have been to have seen me singing happily along to one of the
     "Barney, the Purple Dinosaur" songs.

Curious, I pulled up next to the HPY MOMY to see if she looked . . . . . . HAPPY. 

She wasn't smiling, however, she looked pretty peaceful,
     with her Starbucks coffee cup in her hands. 

It was difficult to tell with her tinted windows, but 
     I don't think there were any children in the car with her. 
It was around mid-day, and they were probably all at school or daycare.      

That explains it.  
Of course, I could be wrong.

Maybe the license plate meant "Hippie Mommy".

In which case, she probably was "Happy".  

Though, she was driving a Ford Expedition,
     which is not what I would imagine a "hippie mommy" to be driving.  

I think I will stick to my "Happy Mommy" assumption,
     and continue to drive as "anonymous".

I wouldn't want to falsely advertise my mood. 

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