Monday, January 2, 2012


January 1, 2012

I stayed in bed, lingering under the soft, cool sheets
     and warm blanket (a million comfy pillows under my head),
until I felt like the moment was right to get up.   

And, when I did . . . . . .  the house was quiet.  

Quiet in a good way.   

I slid my feet into my favorite cozy slippers, waiting faithfully on the floor.

And, Charlie was looking at me with his bright, hazel eyes and wagging tail,
     in anticipation of his morning visit with the outside world.  

Downstairs, the "not quite" teenage boys were plugged into their
     game ( predictably so ), surrounded by their own pillows and blankets -
their makeshift beds, from the night before.
     "Good morning!" I said, as I released Charlie into the backyard.    

The temperature outside was unseasonably warm and pleasant.        

     "What would you like for breakfast?" I asked.   

      "Pancakes and bacon? ? !"  with eager eyes, they expressed.   

And the day was ours, so I was happy to oblige.

The sun was shining brightly through the window, above the kitchen sink,
     where my Grandma's porcelain bluebird sits.  

I took the bluebird down, and placed it on the counter,
     and opened up the window . . . . . . just enough.

Enough to allow the fresh air to breathe into the room,
     adding life to the closed up space.

     "Now, for some music, " I thought.

And, I searched around for what I thought would satisfy my mood -
     the Brazilian sounds of the guitar, acoustic.   

Breakfast was made, and the table was set,
               and someone very nice made me coffee.

We all gathered around, enjoying our meal.

Faces smiling, and filled with laughter.  

We shared stories about before; and discussed plans for after. 

Like all of the possibilities for "today", for what a beautiful day it was. 

     Go to the zoo, maybe?

     A walk or bike ride?

     Kickball or ice-skating?

     Or, maybe some soccer.

The day was ours . . . . . . and what a feeling that was.

And, later that morning, standing there in my pajamas,
     my uncombed hair, no make-up and wearing glasses . . . . . .

     "You have no idea how good you look, do you."

I shook my head and smiled, knowing that he meant it.

The day was ours . . . . . . and what a feeling that was.  



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  1. So, did you do something wonderful and deserving of the day?