Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Heroes

I was shopping at Whole Foods, the other day,
     and when I moved my small cart over to allow room for a wide load of produce to pass through,
I knocked over some strategically placed plastic containers full of nuts.

Before I even realized what had happened,
     a cute little, happy-faced boy (about 10 years old)
appeared out of nowhere,
     and without saying a word,
began to pick the containers up and put them back on the shelf.  

Not far behind him, a darling little girl (about the same age) came over to help,
     as if she wanted "in" on the fun.   

     "How kind of you!  Thank you!" I said, as the three of us cleaned up together. 

Just then, I heard a mother's voice calling over.

     "What are you two up to?" she asked.

     "Did you ask them to help me?" I asked.

     "No," she said, with laughter.  "I was just wondering where they disappeared to!"

     "WOW," I said.  

And, after praising the two "do-gooders" and their mother,
     I just stood there . . . . . . STUNNED. 

I think I just met my heroes, I thought. 


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