Friday, January 6, 2012

Through the Eyes of a Preschooler - The Rules of Life

It was the end of the day.

Wide-eyed, with anticipation, they lined up to wait for that comfortingly
     familiar face to show up at the door,
and for one of their teachers to acknowledge
their names for dismissal.   

     "Tommy, your mom is here!"

      "Annabelle, it's time to go!"

As the teachers called off their names, one by one,
     Ian stood patiently on his designated spot,
his school bag in one hand, and bundled up in his winter coat. 

     "Max, I see your dad!"

     "Your turn, Carlos!"  

Just then, Elise left her spot in line and ran enthusiastically out into the hallway,
     RIGHT into the arms of her smiling grandma.

Her grandma LAUGHED  a joyful laugh, and the teachers laughed, too, in response.

Elise was SO excited to see her, that she just could not wait another SECOND!   

Observing all of this, Ian turned to one of his teachers,
     and with a very serious look on his face, said,

     "I don't think that's funny."

     "Why don't you think it's funny, Ian?" asked his teacher.

     "Because she was supposed to wait," he said.
               "She did not wait for the teacher to call her name."

Ian's teacher smiled, and thought to herself,
      "He's a rule follower.  I have one of those at home."

      "You are right, Ian," she said,
          "But, sometimes, especially if you aren't hurting anyone, it's ok."

The teacher paused . . .

     "And, I really do appreciate how nicely you are waiting 
                                         for your name to be called."  

Ian's expression did not change, and he stood on his spot until the teacher called his name.

Life can be very confusing to a preschooler, sometimes.  

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