Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Monday, In Disguise"

     Yesterday, I walked into a Whole Foods where, throughout the aisles of
organic produce, grass
fed beef, and  holistic vitamins,
there could be heard the lovely sounds of a
by an acoustic guitar.             

At first, I thought,
"I am really impressed by the clarity of the speakers in this place,"
and then, as
I was standing in the self check-out line,

I realized the music was LIVE.

There, in the corner of the store,
just beyond the grocery carts and the
reusable, cloth grocery bags,
was the vocalist,

singing and strumming away on the strings of her guitar.

THEN, I thought,

"This doesn't FEEL like a Monday.  Did I mistakenly send the kids to school on a Saturday?"


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