Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crepe Surprise

It has become a tradition, in our family, to celebrate birthdays
at a place called, Sweet Berry,
where they serve homemade waffles, crepes, paninis, and gelato.

My birthday was up so, in keeping with tradition,
we met some friends there for brunch, yesterday morning.  

My older son ordered the waffle with fresh strawberries,
a scoop of chocolate gelato,
whipped cream, and a strawberry smoothy.

My younger son ordered a ham, turkey, and cheese panini,
"hold the mustard, and cheddar instead of swiss, please".

I ordered the omelet crepe, with mushrooms, peppers,
onions, and cheese,
and a cappuccino (to make it complete).

My crepe was delicious, but somewhere around that last bite . . .  

     Remember that song, One Of These Things (is Not Like the Others) ?

It was small and hard, and did not feel like any of the other ingredients.

I tried to convince myself that it was one of the peppers (extra crunchy).

Unfortunately, it was so small, that I could not capture it with my tongue.

Fortunately, it was so small, that I had no problem swallowing it.  

It went down the chute with the rest of my crepe. 

Soon after, as we were all sitting around the table talking, I noticed my plastic fork.

One of the prongs was just a little bit shorter than the others.

Mystery solved. 

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