Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tomorrow IS Today (A follow-up to yesterday's blog.)

Just to let you know that I am taking this horoscope "thing" seriously,
      I read my horoscope(s) again this morning (in The Washington Post).


"There's something terribly inconvenient and time-consuming
on your list of things to do. 
Take Solace in the fact that your ancestors got water from wells and killed their own food."


"You'll see how all the reading you do is paying off.  
You'll know an answer and will save yourself and your loved ones time and money because of this knowledge."

First of all, LAUGHING MY ASS OFF (LMAO)! 

"Take solace in the fact that my ancestors got water from wells and killed their own food????"

Is that like when our parents used to tell us, 

      "When I was young, we used to walk 20 miles, BAREFOOT in the SNOW, to get to school" ?

Which, in today's world, translates to:

     "When I was young, I had to ride the BUS to school, because I did not own a car. 
AND I had to stop and use something called a Pay Phone, if I wanted to make a call."

Humor aside, POINT TAKEN.   

As for Capricorn, although there is talk about a new book group forming, 
     I have not read anything substantial in months. 

Reading distracts me from my writing. 

I seem to only be able to immerse myself in one...........or  the other.

Uh oh. 

Hadn't thought about that, when I decided to become part of this new book group. 


So, I live another day as a Sagicapricorn.

And, don't worry. 

I am not going to do this every day. 

Besides, I won't have time. 

I am hanging a sign up on the door that reads...............


After that, I am going to the well (with my son, Jack), to fetch some water.

I may be gone for awhile. 

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