Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Identity Crisis

Turns out I am not who I thought I was.

For 42 years, I lived my life as a Capricorn,
     dutifully reading my Capricorn horoscope, and applying it to my life.

Major life decisions have been made,
     based on what my horoscope said (not really).

Thank goodness I did not get that tattoo,
     one drunken night (in my twenties). 


I think that was a unicorn. 

I don't think I would actually have a "sea goat" tatooed to my Sagittari..........ass,
     no matter HOW many drinks I may have had (in my twenties). 

I pretty much just gave it away, but I have been told that I am now a Sagittarius.

That's like my parents telling me, after 42 years, that I was adopted.

I am not who I thought I was.   

At first, I denied it, and took a stand. 


Then, I started to read a little bit about Sagittarius (my birth parent). 

SOME, but not ALL of the character traits made sense.

Just as SOME, but not ALL of the Capricorn character traits made sense.

So, I came up with a BRILLIANT solution. 

I can be a Capricorn AND a Sagitarius.


After all, I am a grownup, and I can decide WHO I want to spend time with, and WHEN.

So, on days when I feel like a Sagittarius, I AM a Sagittarius. 

On days when I feel like a Capricorn, I AM a Capricorn.

Better yet, I could combine the two to make up one single identity.

Does Caprittarius or Sagicapricorn sound better?

Maybe, the accuracy of my horoscope(s) should determine my identity, each day.    

Today, my horoscopes in The Washington Post said the following:


"You exude energy and joy when you feel good. 
That's why the situation that is most comfortable for you
will bring much happiness to everyone around you."


"You have a habit of watching for opportunities ,
and that is why you are luckier than the people who are too busy doing their own thing
to look around for good fortune." 

While both horoscopes sound appealing, I think (today) I am leaning more towards Sagittarius.

Because, I would have to say that when "I" am happy, those around me are happy. 
When I'm NOT happy, I will do my best to make those around me.............. miserable (not really). 

That would make me a SAGICAPRICORN.

I can't wait to find out who I will be tomorrow! 

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